What age should I make a Will?

What age should I make a Will?

The average age of someone making their first Will is 58, according to The Gazette.

It’s never too soon to put a Will in place.

Even more alarming is that the 50-70 age range is responsible for over half of Wills written in England and Wales. And this figure is rising. Since 2018, the figure has risen from 56.5 to 58.

Thankfully, many of our clients are younger than this. We’re pleased that our customers are putting their Wills together at a younger age. This is important for so many reasons. Of course, nobody knows when they will pass. Granted, life expectancy is rising, and in 2020 is currently 81 years old, but we all know of stories of young, otherwise healthy people dying way before their time.

As the law stands, you have to be 18 to make a Will, unless you are in the Armed Forces. Let’s face it, you can vote at 18, have a fully-featured bank account, marry at 16, play the lottery at 16, and have children at just about any age.

These are all good enough reasons to have a Will. We would certainly urge all parents to put some Estate Planning in place.

But still, the majority of us wait until we’re almost at retirement age, and I think it’s often the misconception that making a Will is hard. One of the most common comments our clients make after signing is “Wow, that was painless!”. It really is a very simple process to go through. We are experienced in having the right conversations with our customers to help them make a will. We understand that some clients find conversations about death hard, and work with you to make it as painless as possible.

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